Madeleine Dahm is an award-winning interdisciplinary theatre director, producer, choreographer, dramaturgist and video editor, she is a physical arts practitioner, and arts education specialist working in the U.S, U.K. and Europe. Madeleine is the Artistic Director of the Wallis Studio Ensemble, a social justice theatre company in residence at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Los Angeles. She is the Co-Artistic Director of the international Italian theatre company Bämsemble, and the Artistic Director of Performance for the Blue Box, a transformable art and science space being developed in Europe.

A passionate arts education advocate, she is the recipient of a Commendation of Excellence from the City of Los Angeles for her contribution to arts education. She has taught in numerous schools and universities, and specializes in training teaching artists. Madeleine is the creator of a pedagogy for training actors called Bodyology, and is an expert in Laban Efforts, Viewpoints, and the devising process. As a creative arts coach, she provides leadership and directional coaching for non performers, and facilitates equity, inclusion, and community interconnection through the creative arts.

Madeleine began her own artistic career as a dancer in the U.K. receiving her formal training at the London School of Contemporary Dance, with Jane Dudley, Robert Cohen and the legendary Martha Graham. An interest in creating her own work began with Post-Graduate studies at Trinity Laban, with renowned teacher Marion North and physical theatre pioneer Lloyd Newson of ‘DV8’. Madeleine went on to create her own socio-political dance theatre that toured successfully across the U.K.

Madeleine began working in the U.S. in the late 90‘s, creating two highly successful physical theatre companies, before making the transition to producing, directing and devising theatre. She has created twenty large scale theatrical works and directed/choreographed productions for acclaimed artists across disciplines, including: Emmy winning film composers Richard Horowitz and Harold Faltermeyer, Béjart Ballet soloist Christopher Aponté, producer/director Robert Egan, world music icon Sussan Deyhim, and renowned writers Phillip LaZebnik and Victoria Looseleaf. (MORE)



Dahm clearly knows what she is about!” – Julie Blkumenthal, New York

“Surrealistic poetry, and lush, multi lingual text – Stunning!”  – Eva Asantewaa, Village Voice, New York

“CAPTIVATING – Somewhere between Pina Bausch and Jean Cocteau.” – Los Angeles Times.