Directing and Composition

Experimental theatre, physical theatre and movement based theatre are Dahm’s areas of expertise. Attracted to bold and complex themes, her approach is avant-garde, but not at the expense of meaning. With a background and extensive training in both theatre and dance, her work is an authentic and visceral blend of both art forms and approaches.

Whether directing an original composition, or re-imagining an existing work, Madeleine has a clear point of view about the world in which the play takes place – finding unique entry points into narrative, character and the physical landscape. Madeleine has a strong commitment to a training based theatre practice, and her own emergent process with performers not only draws out individual strengths but builds fluid ensemble.

WORK – USA includes: Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing ArtsRoyce Hall, Hudson Theatre, New York Fringe Festival, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chapel Hill, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Ivar, The Hudson Theatre, The Roxy Theatre, Luckman Fine Arts Complex.

UK/Europe: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Teatro Franco Parenti, Milano Italy; Cavallerizza Irreale, Torino Italy; Glasgow Arts Festival, Ostrava Stadium, Covent Garden Festival, Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Place, Oval House, Chisenhale, Wembley Arena, Hackney Empire.


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    RECKONING - A Short Play Festival

    Director/Dramaturge and Movement Direction - A festival of short plays celebrating emerging and established writers, with unique viewpoints on complex contemporary issues. The festival featured 8 playwrights, a poet, and a short story writer. Included 3 world premieres, 7 L.A. premieres, with a set designed by Sibyl Wickersheimer, costumes by Edina Hiser, and lighting by Bosco Flanagan. 2022.


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    PANDEMIC THEATRE - The Wallis Studio Ensemble

    Producer/Director/Film Editor/Choreographer - Fairyland Foibles - an action packed, eight part episodic digital show (part radio play, part soap opera), with an audience participation element - Irreverent and satirical LGBTQ reimagined fairy tales for a contemporary age, received thousands of online views with its highly innovative use of the digital medium and story-telling. Weekly Pick 'KCET' and the 'LA Times' 2020.

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    SALT - The Marvelous Puppet Show

    Co -Director and Choreographer - A collaboration with director Jon Kellam and artists from across Italy, SALT uniquely integrates clown/song/dance/circus and acrobatics in a powerful interdisciplinary show that takes place in a near futuristic setting. "A brave gem, wonderful vaudeville" Platealmente. "Dahm's influence on the creative product is profound" America Theatre Magazine. Milano/Torino, Italy 2018/19.

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    Director/Choreographer and Production Design - Three full length devised theatre works with The Wallis Studio Ensemble, for the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Hudson Theatre, Circle X. (2017-2019) "Mesmerizing, this is avant garde theatre that sticks with you long after the curtain goes down" ArtNow LA. "Hauntingly beautiful" San Diego Tribune.

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    HHGG - By Douglas Adams

    Director/Choreographer and Adaptation - The Wallis Studio Ensembles'  fast-paced, queer, gender-bending romp through the galaxy in search of the meaning of life, the universe and everything, played to sold our runs at The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts 2018 and 2019. "Unmitigated lunacy with Ferrari-like pacing, a deep dive into hallucinogenic territory." ArtNowLA

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    Director and Dramaturge - An adaptation of the novella Isn't It Rich? An intoxicating journey through one woman's life, written by famed arts critic and international journalist Victoria Looseleaf. With Hannah Chodos (Actors Gang), Gleason Bauer (Zoo District), Bernadette Sullivan (Independent Shakespeare), Jasmine Albuquerque (WIFE). Music: Emmy nominated Rodrigo Amarante. "Richly raw, wild, and witty!" 

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    OCTOBERFEST THE MUSICAL - An Almost True Story

    Director and Choreographer - A new musical comedy:  Book/Lyrics by Disney's Philip LaZebnik (Mulan). Music by Emmy winning composer Harold Faltermeyer (Beverly Hills Cop). Set: Jeff McLaughlin. Costumes: Georgia Richardson. Light Design: Bosco Flanagan. Orchestration: Tom Griep. Producer Ginger Perkins.
    "Eternally Boisterous, occasionally sexy and always fun" - Broadway

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    Movement Director and Associate Director - Multi-media work about Iranian poet and activist Farough Farrokhzade, created by acclaimed singer Sussan Deyhim, withn Emmy winning composer Richard Horowitz, dramaturge and direction by Robert Egan. Royce Hall Los Angeles - Chapel Hill, North Carolina Performing Arts - Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts - Metropolitan Museum of Art 2015/18.

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    Director - Site specific performance pieces for WelcomeFest, launching the 2016/2017 Wallis Season.

    Director - An evening of dance theatre featuring the work of emerging choreographers in the Bram Goldsmith Theatre.

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    Re-imagining of Peter Shaffer’s psychological drama, integrating devised movement, soundscape, and horse photography. Theater Guild Award: Directing, Lead Actor, Sound Design, Light Design and Best Production. Morgan Wixson Theatre 2011, LA.

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    Founding Artistic Director/Co-Producer
    Experimental movement based theatre company. Gárung premiered at the New York Fringe Festival in 2003. Later works include Perch, in support of Amnesty International, at the Lillian Theatre 2006."Stunning this is theatre on the edge" LA Times. “A must go see” Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly.

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    Movement Director - 'Ovation' wining collaboration, Zoo District Theater, Steven Haworth writer.
    Co-Artistic Director - Collaboration with painter Jon Watkiss of The Royal Academy of Art, and dancer Christopher Aponte of American Ballet Theatre. Art Institute of LA
    Choreographer - Short film by Sebastian Hedgcoe. Dances with Film Festival, Dance Camera West.

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    Director/Choreographer/Dramaturge - Full length productions for Young Adults (14-18yrs).
    Experimental interpretations of classical works such as Macbeth, Prometheus, Medussa, Much Ado About Nothing. Contemporary testimonial theatre productions and original dance theatre works. (Since 2008).
    "The finest piece of youth theater I can ever recall seeing" Erik Greenberg, Autry Museum.



“Dahm shakes up stuff, revealing painterly tableaux of beauty and wonder – this is theatre on the edge” Victoria Looseleaf – LA Times, Critics Choice Theatre. “Dahm operates wholeheartedly in the realm of dream logic, where visions, images, and juxtapositions make inexplicable sense.” Julie Blkumenthal – New York