Professional Workshops

Offering workshops, courses and residencies in key training methodologies, Madeleine is recognized as a master teacher, coach, and highly skilled movement practitioner. She believes that training based theatre practices immerse the performer in important daily rituals, that bring about a heightened awareness, and an in depth exploration of ‘whole body practices’ (physical, psychological and experiential). This ultimately grounds the performer in the present moment, whilst providing a clarity of purpose, exceptional focus and energized precision.

Madeleine has also developed a training pedagogy for actors called Bodyology – adapted from the principles of the LABAN Efforts, Body Weather (from Butoh), and Viewpoints (Overlie), it is influenced by the vocabulary of European dance theatre that synthesized unrestrained emotion, radical interactive theatre and body language, to expose the internal world.

Mentor teachers: Martha Graham, Jane Dudley, (Graham Co.), Lenny Westerdjik (NDT), Lloyd Newson, Nigel Charnock (DV8), Timothy West (Old Vic) Marion Gough, Marion North (Trinity Laban) Nicholas Gunn (Paul Taylor), Melinda Ring (Oguri), the Siti Company, and Pina Bausch.

“The time you spent with us was pivotal in our growth as a theater, we cannot tell you how relevant   and powerful your influence has been.”  – The Actors’ Gang Theatre.




An advanced physical theatre training practice is a pedagogy that unifies rigorous ensemble training around the idea of movement as ritual – creating a dynamic vocabulary and kinesthetic awareness that leads to vital and integrated physical performance. Adapted from the principles of the LABAN Efforts, Body Weather (from the Butoh), Graham, and Viewpoints – Bodyology is also influenced by Grotowski and the expressionist vocabulary of european dance theatre. 


Laban Movement and Dynamics for Actors

Grounded in the principles of the eight efforts as a tool for the development of authentic character, natural physical action and energetic momentum. A system for understanding the relationship between movement, impulse and intention.


Body-Weather Laboratory

Highly physical, rigorous and rhythmic training initially developed by Min Tanaka, evokes sense memory, and re-examines the body itself as a transformative environment.


Devised Theatre with Choreography

Devising process that leads to the development of original work. Exploration of themes, identifying essential questions, creating text and movement, building characters and working with stage design and architecture.


Testimonial Theatre

Compositional work and or performance that is developed from extensive testimonial interviews, in order to create original work, based on the specific experiences of individuals. 


Youth Arts

Teaching young adults and pre-professionals the fundamental principles and skills needed to achieve technical and artistic mastery – Drawing upon the multi-disciplinary aspects of the arts, and exposing students to experimental and avant-garde works. Madeleine has that rare gift, the ability to teach young adults how to be more than performers – how to be artists Brenda Strong – Stage and Television actress.




Director Madeleine Dahm masterfully creates a timeless search for sexual, intellectual and religious freedom in this knockout production. Her use of stylized movement and striking visuals add an emotional and metaphoric wallop.” Mary Mallory – The Tolucan Times “Zany, raucous, tender, thoughtful, surreal, puts one in mind of Pina Bausch’s vivid characters” Gus Solomon’s – Dance Insider, New York